'What has happened to Portsmouth': Facebook reacts to carnage caused by mob of 100 teens at Hotwalls

Readers have reacted with shock and anger at the incident by the Hotwalls yesterday.

Friday, 26th July 2019, 2:44 pm
Updated Friday, 26th July 2019, 4:34 pm
Youths at the Hotwalls in Old Portsmouth on July 25 at around 4.40pm as police are seen making an arrests.

Police were called to the popular attraction in Old Portsmouth after reports of anti-social behaviour from a crowd of more than 100 teens.

The crowd refused to disperse, leading to a 13 year old being arrested for assaulting a police officer. Three other teenagers were also arrested.

Those reading the article on The News, Portsmouth Facebook page have shared their reaction to the scenes of lawlessness on the streets.

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Youths at the Hotwalls in Old Portsmouth on July 25 at around 4.40pm as police are seen making an arrests.

Trevor Wyatt said: 'What has happened to Portsmouth? I was born there, and kids were respectful then. Where are the parents of these yobs and why (can’t) they control their children.’

Nicholas Gover writes: 'We've lost control of the kids now. No discipline in school /home/ or from authorities. They know if (they are) in large groups they can get away with anything . They need a very harsh and firm hand from schools, home and police – or they will just (become) more and more feral.'

Olivia Mcinerney commented: 'Disgusting! They probably ruined a lot of people’s days out today and businesses seemed to have suffered as well because they can’t behave themselves. I do think some of the cause of this generation is kids having kids. They just got no time for discipline and give them anything to shut their kids up.’

Others pointed to a lack of amenities for children and teenagers as contributing to the disorder.

Ben Rogers said: 'It’s hardly surprising when thousands of kids, get six weeks off school on the hottest day in history, go to a public beach and were then told by the police to go away as it is private property.'

Rebecca O'Reilly added: 'Problem here is there’s no free or cheap summer/half term provisions for young teenagers to keep them busy and out of trouble, and not roaming streets causing trouble....'

Joanne Rodaway said: 'They need security /life guards there at all times. And fine the ones that purposely ignore the signs.'

Kayleigh Crump said: 'We’re not all like this. Please don’t paint us all with the same brush. Thanks.'