What Portsmouth residents think of plans to hold '˜wargames' in HMP Kingston

A CITY landmark will temporarily become the setting for popular military simulations.

Saturday, 23rd June 2018, 3:54 pm
Updated Saturday, 23rd June 2018, 4:58 pm

We asked residents in Portsmouth for their thoughts on the plans.

PARKING and accomodating the homeless were two key issues locals cited when residents were asked for their view on the proposals.

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Michael Isaacs, 64, of Milton Road said: ‘If they can provide adequate parking, then I don’t mind the housing idea.

‘But I don’t know how people will benefit from the centre, are they going to pay partial rates for using it?

‘Also the wall has to be conserved and I don’t know if they’ll be able to work around it.’

Baffins resident Mrs Clarke, 69, added: ‘I think it should be used for the homeless. There are not many places for them to go. Even if it’s just somewhere for them to shower or get hot food from.’

Graeme Donnelly, 35, of Langstone Road agreed. ‘It’s good that it will finally be used for something and people can enjoy it.

‘But I do think setting it up as a shelter for homeless people would be a better idea.

‘It would get people off the streets and reduce crime,’ he said.

Jackie Wells, 74, voiced a similar opinon. The Copnor local said: ‘It is good that it is going to be used. But I think a better use of it would be to turn it into a homeless hostel.’

Other Milton Road residents were worried about what the plans would mean.

Gill Hancock, 73, said: ‘The area is congested enough in my mind. This is a really busy road.

‘Although you could put a lot of families there, we’d rather not have them because council usually put a lot of troubled families and you don’t really want any aggravation from anyone on your doorstep.

‘I’d rather have airsoft centre, than housing.’

Margaret Jones, 72, added: ‘I went to one of their planning meetings, I saw the plans, then it was all quashed and they keep going back and forth with their plans.

‘I pay the council £30 a year for the privilege of parking on my road, but a lot of times I can’t even get a spot.

‘This airsoft centre ould just cause more problems.’