Wickham pensioner, 78, targeted by bogus callers

Callum Hall has been missing since April 16. Picture: Cumbria Police

Police issue appeal as schoolboy with Portsmouth connections goes missing

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TWO men tricked a pensioner into thinking he needed his taps checked before secretly searching his home.

Police are appealing for information after the burglary in Wickham.

A 78-year-old man heard a man shouting at him over the fence of his home in Buddens Road.

The suspect told the pensioner he worked for a company called EURW and was dealing with a burst water main.

He said he needed to check the man’s taps, so the victim let him into his house.

But as the man later left the home, he changed his story and said he was dealing with a cracked gas main.

And then the 78-year-old homeowner noticed a second man at the back of his house, who walked off with the first.

The elderly victim’s family later discovered two bedrooms in the home had been searched.

It is not yet known if anything was stolen.

PC Emma Purser said: ‘This was a despicable incident where two offenders have taken advantage of the good nature and vulnerability of the elderly victim, who trusted the man and let him into his home.

‘While the victim was distracted, a second offender has entered the property and conducted an untidy search. I urge residents to ensure their properties are left secure at all times, and to remember you have the right to refuse entry to any uninvited visitors.

‘Always ask for identification, and if you are still unsure, call the police.’

The burglary happened at around midday on Friday.

The first man was white, in his early 30s and was slim.

He was clean shaven, with short, gelled hair, which looked smart.

He wore a light-coloured check shirt with grey trousers and black shoes.

The second man was white, in his early 30s and around 5ft 6in tall.

He was slim and clean shaven, with short hair which had a large curl at the front.

He wore an open-necked shirt.

Anyone with information should call police staff investigator Jerry King at North Walls police station on 101.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.