Woman appeals for return of stolen necklace given by her dead father

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A woman has appealed to thieves to return a necklace that was given to her by her father who died of cancer last year.

The necklace was stolen after thieves broke into Leah Shanahan’s car which was parked in the Clarence Esplanade car park in Southsea overnight on Monday.

Leah said the necklace was not worth much money but held great sentimental value to her.

‘It’s worthless to anyone but me as my dad who lost his battle with cancer passed away last year and he gave it to me for my 21st birthday,’ she said.

‘(I hope there is a) very slight chance someone might recognise it.’

Leah commutes from the Isle of Wight and said she she had left her car in the car park between 5pm Monday and 6.30am Tuesday morning.

She said she had notified police but was not looking for those responsible to be prosecuted.

‘I just want it back safe.’