Woman beaten in Whiteley road rage attack speaks of ordeal

VICTIMS Jaye Taylor, far left, pictured with partner Nicola Wilsenham, was subjected to a road rage attack by Paul Croker, pictured inset.
VICTIMS Jaye Taylor, far left, pictured with partner Nicola Wilsenham, was subjected to a road rage attack by Paul Croker, pictured inset.

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THE victim of a violent road rage attack has told of her terrifying ordeal after she was beaten up while drivers looked on.

Jaye Taylor was grabbed by the throat, punched in the head and pushed over a central reservation by Paul Croker in the unprovoked attack.

ATTACKER Paul Croker

ATTACKER Paul Croker

Croker, 38, had blocked the road with his car.

That forced Miss Taylor and her partner Nicola Wilsenham, 35, who was driving, to pull over.

Croker launched into his assault on Miss Taylor as traffic backed up outside Tesco in Whiteley Way, Whiteley, near Fareham.

But even though it was clear that an attack was taking place, no other drivers got out to help the 29-year-old despite her screams.

Miss Taylor said: ‘He got out of his car, waving his fists and was raving like a madman and swearing.

‘My partner is only small so I got out and said “please don’t hurt her, she’s tiny”.

‘Then he grabbed me around the throat and I couldn’t breathe. I was hysterical with fright.

‘I didn’t know what was going to happen.

‘He punched me full force in the side of my head and ran forwards with me pushing me backwards across the dual carriageway and right over the crash barrier.

‘He kept raining blows all over my head and face before my partner dragged him off me and managed to get me to the car.’

She added: ‘There were other cars blocked in but everyone just sat there, no one got out to help.’

Once they got back in their car the pair drove to Leigh Park police station and banged on the door for help.

Miss Taylor was later taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital.

Croker, of Thyme Avenue, Whiteley, was given a four-month prison sentence suspended for 18 months after he was found guilty of assault following a trial at Fareham Magistrates’ Court.

The magistrates said he had shown no remorse for the attack, which happened in the evening of March 30, and had left both women terrified and Miss Taylor suffering injuries, including cuts and bruises.

Croker was ordered to pay £600 in compensation to Miss Taylor and £300 in court costs.

He will also have 18 months of supervision from the probation service.

His denial also meant his victim was also made to give evidence at court.

‘I was terrified in court and I felt like he was trying to intimidate me,’ she said.

‘He was in the dock and I could see him staring at me.’

The couple were left so scared by the prospect of seeing Croker again that they have now moved from their home in Ravenswood, Titchfield Common, to Leicester.

Miss Taylor, who works in a petrol station, said: ‘He lived just round the corner from us and we were desperate to get away so we applied for jobs everywhere and Leicester was the first thing that came up.’