Woman drowned after collapsing in shower – inquest

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A WOMAN who slipped in a bath and drowned in inches of water died accidentally, an inquest heard.

Patricia Boobyer, 23, of North End, Portsmouth, had been taking a shower before she was due to go into work on July 23, last year.

The inquest heard how Miss Boobyer had fallen in the shower into water, which had gathered at the bottom.

A report read on behalf of Dr Sanjay Ramamoorthy, a consultant in emergency medicine, at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, said: ‘She (Miss Boobyer) had been brought to the accident and emergency department on July 23 at 2.30pm. The alarm was raised by her work colleagues as she had been unaccounted for by more than one hour. Fourteen minutes of resuscitation was carried out, after which she was pronounced dead.’

Miss Boobyer had suffered from epilepsy since a baby and had been taking medication to help control the condition.

Pathologist Barbara Borek, who examined the body, said: ‘There was no natural disease and all organs were fine except for fluid in the lungs.

‘She had been found in a bath of water with her injuries.

‘She had drowned as a result of that.’

In reaching his verdict of accidental death, coroner David Horsley said: ‘Her medical results show she was taking her medication. There is a possibility she could’ve just fallen over.

‘There had not been any foul play in her death.

‘She has died from drowning, it wouldn’t take much water to do that.’