Woman is found guilty of attack on her neighbour

Fareham magistrates court
Fareham magistrates court
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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A ROW between neighbours ended up in a fight in a pet shop’s car park, a court heard.

Tina Lipscombe appeared before Fareham magistrates charged with assault after the brawl at Wellington Retail Park in Waterlooville.

The court heard the incident arose after she pulled up alongside neighbour Dawn Fisher and her sister Shirley Powell in Cosham on September 29 last year.

Magistrates were told Ms Powell made a rude gesture at Lipscombe before driving away towards Waterlooville.

But minutes later, Ms Powell and Ms Fisher pulled into Jolly’s car park only to see Lipscombe and her husband pull up beside them.

The court heard from both Ms Powell and Ms Fisher that Lipscombe got out of her car shouting aggressively and swearing.

Ms Powell said: ‘She came towards the car and started pulling at the door handle but it was locked.

‘She was shouting at me to get out of the car so I did.

‘Before I could get out properly, she grabbed my hair and pulled me up.

‘She then pulled my head right back before pushing it forward where I hit my head on the car door.’

Seeing the attack, Ms Fisher got out of the car to help her sister.

She was grabbed by Lipscombe and pushed against the boot of the car.

Lipscombe’s husband then stepped in and the women were separated.

Lipscombe, of Rydal House, in Rydal Close, Paulsgrove denied the charges but was found guilty of common assault.

Ms Powell suffered a cut to her head which she needed treatment for.

During the trial, it was revealed that Lipscombe was previously on good terms with Ms Fisher.

But while giving evidence, Ms Fisher said there had been ‘unpleasantness’ between herself and Lipscombe since she moved into the house. Lipscombe denied this.

Magistrate Jennifer Duddridge said: ‘Tina, you instigated the assault and the witnesses evidence were the same. Whereas the defence witnesses contradicted each other.

‘We therefore find you guilty of both the offences.’

Lipscombe, 41, was given conditional discharge and ordered to pay £620 in costs.