Woman jailed for knife threat to Portsmouth police officer

Victoria Rushton
Victoria Rushton
  • Screaming woman ran across Southsea Common to marked police van
  • Sergeant thought she wanted help but she pulled knife on him
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A POLICE sergeant was threatened with a kitchen knife as he sat in traffic while driving back to the station.

Sgt Rob Sutton was at the wheel of a marked van in Duisburg Way, Southsea, when he saw Victoria Rushton run over to the stationary vehicle late in the evening.

He spoke out after the 31-year-old was jailed for a year for threatening him with the blade near Southsea Common and for spitting at another PC while in custody.

‘She was running across the common, I was still in traffic waiting to go round the roundabout,’ Sgt Sutton said.

‘She ran up to the driver’s side shouting at me. I couldn’t even make out what she was shouting.

‘I thought she’d been attacked, that she was running away from somebody.

‘I said “come round the other side, the passenger side”.

‘She opened the door and was still screaming and shouting and pulled a knife out from her waistband.

‘I was far enough away – it was one of those surreal moments. I thought “you’ve just pulled a knife out at me”.’

Quick-thinking Sgt Sutton jumped out the van and apprehended Rushton.

He added: ‘I jumped out, ran around, grabbed her.

‘She was wearing some sort of jacket thing.

‘I pulled it down her arm, covered the knife.

‘She got cuffed straight away and put in the back of the van.

‘If she could do that to a police officer, imagine what she could do to a member of the public.’

When taken into custody after the 11pm incident on October 10, she spat at PC James Dickety at Portsmouth Central Police Station.

The court heard she was ‘kicking off’ at the station when she spat at him.

Rushton, of Vale Road, Southsea, pleaded guilty to threatening with a bladed article and assaulting a constable in the execution of his duty.

Sentencing her to 12 months in prison, Judge Claudia Ackner said: ‘You were under the influence of drink and no doubt you were emotional as well.’

She warned Rushton that incidents involving knives were dangerous.

‘The consequences can be far more serious,’ she said.

‘The officer had the presence of mind to take it off you promptly and take you to the police station.’

Jason Halsey, defending, said Rushton needed help in the community instead of in custody.