Woman jailed for string of thefts and assaults

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A WOMAN has been jailed after admitting to a string of thefts and assaults.

Yazmine Dugdale pleaded guilty to stealing goods worth more than £540 in five separate thefts from shops in Portsmouth.

She also admitted assaulting two women, two police officers and a detention officer in separate offences.

Dugdale, of Heathfield Road, North End, Portsmouth, targeted a Tesco store in the city on July 22, fleeing with goods worth £114.75.

The 22-year-old pleaded guilty to assaulting two women in Portsmouth on the same day.

She also admitted committing the offences while she was subject to a 12-month conditional discharge for another offence of shoplifting. She also fled Peacocks in London Road, North End, Portsmouth, with £100 of goods on July 14.

Dugdale admitted stealing meat and cheese from the One-Stop shop in Chichester Road, North End, Portsmouth, in three thefts between August 3 and September 4.

She stole £75.50 of goods from the shop on August 3 and £140.50 of goods on August 19.

Dugdale fled the same shop with goods worth £112.34 on September 4.

And she pleaded guilty to assaulting two police officers and a detention officer at Portsmouth Central police station in Winston Churchill Avenue on September 9.

Dugdale was sentenced to 24 weeks in jail at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court.