Woman leapt from fake taxi after sex assault, kidnap jury trial told

Perry Abbey
Perry Abbey

A WOMAN jumped from a moving fake taxi after waking up to find she had been sexually assaulted, a court heard.

The ‘distressed’ woman hid in a nettle bush with her head down fearing the driver of the vehicle was coming back, jurors heard.

She told a Portsmouth Crown Court kidnap trial how she jumped, hid, then called 999 while running away.

She reached a house in Newlands Road, Purbrook, and banged ‘hysterically’ on the door as her phone battery ran out, the court heard.

Perry Abbey is on trial for kidnap and sexual assault, which he denies.

Speaking in a video played to the jury, she said she had ‘dozed off’ after the driver reclined her seat when he picked her up from Guildhall Walk in the early hours of a day in May last year. When she woke up she said he was touching her crotch and her underwear was down.

She said: ‘He tried to kiss me, I was turning my head and pulling my pants up. He was really heavy, he wasn’t holding his own weight, he was just laying on me.’

A passing vehicle disturbed him and he drove, she added.

She said: ‘He got off and started the engine. I don’t think he pulled his pants up.

‘I managed to pull my pants up. My seatbelt was still on all the time.

‘All I kept thinking was “I need to get out and I need to do it quickly”.’

She added: ‘I managed to get my seatbelt off and jumped out the car.’

She added: ‘I just jumped into a hedge, a prickly bush and put my head right down I couldn’t see anything – I got a scratch on my head.

‘I couldn’t see anything. It wasn’t until I looked up that I saw it was his car.’

Jurors heard she ‘just ran’ and was told by the 999

operator to ‘keep going’ before she reached a house, with the occupants then calling police.

The woman told police the BMW 730’s registration number, linking it to Abbey, 39, of Grove Road North, Southsea.

Police went to his house and felt the car bonnet was still warm at 5.30am – 80 minutes after the 999 call.

Opening the case against him, Matthew Lawson said Abbey ‘pretended’ to be

taxi driver when picking her up.

Examination of the vehicle found her seat temperature was set to 32C, while the driver’s seat was set to 18.5C, he said. She said her seat had been reclined, with a test finding that could be done.

In a statement read to police, Abbey said he spoke to the woman in a bar, and then later in Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth, where the woman had been on a night out.

Abbey first said he ‘agreed to give her a lift home’ but a postcode she gave him

took him to Gosport, jurors heard.

Abbey said she then told him she lived near Havant, so he drove there where she got out. He said he did not engage in any sexual activity.

But Mr Lawson said Abbey changed his story after forensics found DNA on a sanitary towel in the woman’s underwear that had a ‘one to a billion’ match to him.

He then said she touched his genitals. Mr Lawson said an expert said transfer was not ‘impossible’ but the DNA would have been ‘lost’.