Woman stabbed on the way to partner’s house, court told

Forensic officers examine the scene where one woman was stabbed in Cosham Picture: Malcolm Wells (142041-0459)
Forensic officers examine the scene where one woman was stabbed in Cosham Picture: Malcolm Wells (142041-0459)
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A WOMAN who was stabbed on her way to her partner’s house has told how she went into shock after seeing her attacker wave a knife as he ran off.

At Winchester Crown Court the 20-year-old victim described feeling her whole body shake after turning to see her attacker waving a knife as he ran off down an alleyway off Southampton Road on June 20 last year.

Ben Moynihan, 18, of The Ridings, Hilsea, Portsmouth, is charged with three counts of attempted murder over stabbings of three women in June and July last year.

Moynihan, who was 17 at the time of the stabbings, admits wounding the women but denies three counts of attempted murder and also denies alternative charges of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

In a police video interview played to the court, the victim said: ‘I heard footsteps behind me.

‘I was on my phone. I looked up. He was really close to me.

‘He was walking at the same pace, not very fast, not very slowly.’

She said she glanced at him as he drew close on Southampton Road, near a bus stop, and then looked down at her phone, before the attacker turned to her and flung his arm at her.

‘I thought he had punched me at first,’ she said. ‘My whole body started shaking, I felt really faint.

‘I ran up and rang the ambulance as I was running. I crossed the road. At the time I was on the phone to the ambulance.

‘I kept looking behind me just in case he was coming back. I was worried that he would because I was sitting across the road.

‘I was more worried about the stab because I was bleeding.

‘I wanted to get the furthest away from the alleyway as I could in case he came back.’

She added that she was shaking hysterically as she called for the ambulance.

The victim told the police of the knife: ‘I found myself lucky. It could have done a lot of damage.’

During the police interview she sketched the blade she saw and said her attacker was wearing a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms.

She added: ‘The knife was black, it was straight on both points and I couldn’t see the bottom it of it where he was holding it.

‘It was one of the normal kitchen knives you got from Tesco or Asda.’

The victim was taken by ambulance to Queen Alexandra Hospital, in Cosham, while police searched the area looking for her assailant.

As reported yesterday, prosecutor Kerry Maylin told jurors Moynihan left a letter calling himself an ‘unhappy geezer’ after the second attack on another victim and said he was picking targets as he was a virgin.

Ms Maylin said: ‘Over three days in the summer of 2014 three women were randomly attacked by a stranger.

‘They did not know each other and there is nothing to connect or link them.’

Three women, aged 20, 45 and 67, sustained serious but not life-threatening injuries in the separate attacks.

Moynihan was arrested at Portsbridge Roundabout following the attacks on June 20, June 29 and July 11.

The court heard he said to a police officer that it was not GBH and he was trying to kill.

Officers who saw his computer user profile at South Downs College found he had researched serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer, Ian Brady and Dennis Nilsen.