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A GANG armed with machetes and metal poles forced their way into a man’s home, fractured his skull in front of his wife and trashed the house, a court heard.

Hayley Brennan said she thought she and her husband Bradley were going to be killed when ‘all hell broke loose’.

Ben Powell and Gareth Hussey are alleged to have carried out the attack after an argument in a pub earlier in the evening. A third man, Carl Brennan, who is not related to the couple, has admitted the assault.

It’s alleged the gang smashed a window at the couple’s cottage in West Street, Hambledon, and then hid behind a parked car.

When the pair went outside to see what was going on, Powell ran at Mr Brennan and struck him in the forehead with a machete, fracturing his skull, the court heard.

Mrs Brennan said: ‘He had both hands on this great big weapon and he smashed him straight in the face with it.

‘I just saw it come down on his head really hard.’

She and her husband quickly tried to get back indoors but the gang forced their way in and continued the assault on Mr Brennan, she said.

‘Suddenly there was other people with weapons,’ she said.

‘It was just surreal. It was like being in the middle of a Quentin Tarantino movie. They came storming into the house.

‘They all seemed to be attacking Brad and he could only defend himself one at a time.’

She told a jury at Portsmouth Crown Court: ‘I thought my husband was going to die.

‘They came to our house to kill him and possibly kill all of us. There’s no doubt in my mind at all, they came to our house to at least kill my husband, if not all of us that night.’

She said that while her husband was being attacked she was in the next room, with two female friends, calling the police and she could hear shouting and glass smashing.

When the noise calmed down they opened the door to see her husband, alone, covered in blood.

‘He was in a dreadful state,’ she said. ‘All I could see was the whites of his eyes. The rest of his face was completely covered in blood.

‘I have never, ever, seen so much blood in my life.

‘It was like something out of a horror film.’

Hours earlier the couple had been to The Vine Inn in Hambledon with their friends Sharon Lesley and Melissa Bright, when Mr Brennan had a disagreement with Powell on November 19, last year.

Carl Brennan, Powell’s stepfather, intervened, saying: ‘Don’t worry, we’ll sort it out later.’

Asked by Matthew Lawson, prosecuting, if her husband had done anything to provoke the attack she said: ‘No, my husband is a gentle giant.’

She added: ‘My home was invaded by a group of people wielding weapons in an attempt to murder my husband.’

The men are accused of smashing up the couple’s cars before running off.

Minutes later the police arrived at Carl Brennan’s house where he lives with his partner Rachael Powell and her son Ben.

Rachael Powell is alleged to have been in a car, about to drive off with their bloodstained clothes and two weapons.

Brennan, 38, of Stewarts Green, Hambledon has pleaded guilty to wounding with intent and criminal damage.

Powell, 20, of the same address and Hussey, 25, of Corbett Road, Waterlooville, both deny a charge of wounding with intent.

Rachael Powell, 40, also of Stewarts Green, denies attempting to pervert the course of justice. (Proceeding)