Woman tells of ‘terrifying’ escape from car in kidnap trial

Perry Abbey denies  kidnap and sexual assault
Perry Abbey denies kidnap and sexual assault

A WOMAN was ‘terrified’ after pushing off a fake taxi driver who allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted her, a jury was told.

Questioned from behind a screen at Portsmouth Crown Court, the woman said Perry Abbey told her ‘I take you’ and took her from Guildhall Walk.

Abbey, 39, of Grove Road North, denies sexual assault and kidnap after the incident in May last year.

The woman, who cannot be named, told jurors she jumped from his BMW in a country lane in the early hours to escape after waking up to find she had been sexually assaulted.

But yesterday Shanda McAteer, for Abbey, quizzed the woman over the allegations. Ms McAteer put Abbey’s case that the pair had talked in the car and that the woman suggested going back to Abbey’s home.

Ms McAteer suggested the pair had driven around for quite a long time. Abbey had said he would run out of diesel, the woman got out in a built-up area and urinated, with Abbey saying it ‘best’ to take her back to Portsmouth, but she refused.

Giving evidence, the woman rejected this account.

Ms McAteer said: ‘Far from him touching you, you in fact put your hand down his trousers.’

The woman said: ‘No’.

Ms McAteer replied: ‘And you suggested going back to his address.’

The woman said: ‘No, definitely not.’

Ms McAteer said: ‘Do you think alcohol consumption might make you a little reckless?’

The woman said: ‘Possibly, but I was on my period, there was no way that it would have happened.’

Ms McAteer said: ‘Do you think you were acting that night in perhaps a way a bit out of character for you?’

The woman said: ‘No.’

Jurors also heard a 999 call from the woman as she ran along the road to Newlands Road, in Purbrook, banging on a door after she said she jumped out of the car and hid.

‘I think he’s driving up and down,’ the woman (W) said in the call.

‘I understand. Just try to keep yourself away,’ the call operator (O) said.

W: ‘He’s coming back, he’s coming back I can hear him.’

O: ‘Yeah because you just keep out the way of him. Are you okay? I’ll stay on the phone with you.’

‘Okay. And can you see anything at all?’

W: ‘I can’t, no ... where I am. I knew he was driving for a while and I kept saying where are you going...’

O: ‘Okay just keep calm, just keep calm. We just need to get to you somewhere where we can find a house or anything like that.’

W: ‘I’m scared that my phone is going to go off.’

O: ‘Okay, that’s why we need you to get you to any kind of house just so that we can find you. You are doing really well, well done.’

W: ‘... anything, I’ve been walking and there’s nothing.’

O: ‘That’s okay, you’re doing really well, you just have to keep going, I know it’s really hard. Has he come past again?’

W: ‘No.’

O: ‘Okay, well done.’

W: ‘... I’m having to run.’

Shortly after this the phone battery cut out, ending the call, as the woman reached a house in Newlands Road, Purbrook, jurors heard.

Abbey, of Grove Road North, Southsea, denies the charges against him, claiming the woman put her hand in his trousers.