Woman who cried rape is jailed

Nicola Osborne
Nicola Osborne

Drink-driver fined £700

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A WOMAN who claimed she had been abducted and raped to stop her husband finding out she had cheated on him has been jailed for 18 months.

Nicola Osborne’s allegation led to an innocent man she had slept with being arrested and held in police custody for 12 hours.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, says Osborne has made a mockery of real rape victims.

Maria Lamb, defending, said Osborne had become ‘enmeshed and entangled’ in the lie after she made the story up because she was going to get back home late.

Jailing the 32-year-old Judge Roger Hetherington said the mum-of-three had met the man as she walked home in the early hours of the morning last July.

He said: ‘When you left you were on good terms and there had even been the exchange of telephone number and you set off again for home.

‘When you were relatively close to your own home I believe that it suddenly hit you as to what the potential consequences were, which up until then you had not given a thought to.

‘In particular I think it’s quite likely that you suddenly became concerned as to what you were going to be able to tell your husband about what you had been doing and also possibly there was a fear of pregnancy.’

He added: ‘From that point on I have no doubt that you felt intense and immediate regret about what had occurred including regret at the way you yourself had reacted to the man’s advances.’

Osborne told police she had been bundled into a car as she walked in Fratton Road, driven to a quiet spot where she was raped before being driven back to the road.

She had claimed she thought her attacker could have a gun or a knife and feared she would not see her children again.

The police spent 548 hours investigating the allegation and other jobs were put on the back burner, Portsmouth Crown Court heard.

In his statement Mr K, who was tracked down by DNA testing, said he was devastated by his arrest.

The 26-year-old said: ‘I was trying to take stock of what had happened and it suddenly hit me that I had been accused of rape.

‘I am now relieved the police believe what happened but I am very angry at this woman. People like her make a mockery of women who have been raped.’

Osborne, of Winchester Road, Buckland, pleaded guilty to doing an act intending to pervert the course of justice.