Woman who hit bouncer in Portsmouth was ‘10 out of 10 drunk’

Victoria Scott was sentenced at Portsmouth Crown Court
Victoria Scott was sentenced at Portsmouth Crown Court
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A WOMAN punched a bouncer after he asked her to leave the dancefloor and then kicked out with high heels at police who tried to arrest her.

Victoria Scott was on a night out in the Lord Palmerston pub in Southsea on Valentine’s Day and had a drink in her hand on the dancefloor, Portsmouth Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Martyn Booth said: ‘She turned around and threw her drink over [the doorman].

‘She punched him to the face while holding the glass although it seems to be the fist that’s made contact.

‘With other doormen she was escorted from the pub, she turned round and punched him a second time. He was somewhat upset and annoyed at what had happened.’

Police then arrived and a male and female officer went to approach Scott, 32, of St Paul’s Road, Southsea.

Mr Booth added: ‘She initially was compliant but that was to change very shortly after that. She was swinging her arms around, swearing and shouting to police officers.

‘She was placed in the back of a van, continued to act very violently. She was wearing very high-heeled shoes, repeatedly kicking out which managed to connect four times with the male police officer’s legs.

‘The high heel went through his work clothes. That caused some marks to his legs. While she was doing this she also connected with the hand of the female police officer.’

In interview, Scott revealed she had been driven around in a limousine before going to the pub, had drunk two bottles of wine and was ‘10 out of 10 drunk.’

The court heard she breached a suspended sentence given to her in January after being involved in aggravated vehicle-taking where the car that was taken crashed into a shop front.

Judge Peter Dixon Crabtree said it was an important factor the glass did not hit the doorman.

‘He was simply doing his job,’ said Judge Crabtree.

‘It’s highly unlikely you will get a second chance.’

Her six-month suspended prison term was extended from 12 to 18 months.

Judge Crabtree also imposed a community order with a 30-day alcohol rehabilitation activity. Tim Sparkes, defending, added: ‘She shows remorse as soon as she was able to realise what she’s done.’ Scott admitted one assault by beating and two assaults on constables in the execution of their duty.