Worker at care home jailed for stealing ring

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A care worker has been jailed for stealing valuable jewellery from the home she worked at.

Angela Thompson, 50, was convicted of theft at Fareham Magistrates’ Court.

She had worked for Merry Hall Care Home, in Kiln Road, Fareham, and was charged with taking a gold, diamond and ruby ring and a Boots voucher belonging to the residents.

The thefts took place between the end of April this year and the beginning of May.

There was also suspicions she stole other items from the home but no evidence was found.

Thompson was sentenced to 20 weeks in prison.

The family of a resident at the home feels justice has been served with the sentence.

The daughter of the resident, who did not wish to be named, said: ‘We were all so happy at the result of the court hearing.

‘She was stealing from vulnerable people who are basically in the care home to die.

‘Although the police only found evidence of her stealing two things, we were pretty sure it was more.

‘My mum had a piece of jewellery go missing but because she suffers from numerous illnesses, we weren’t sure what had happened to it.

‘She also got upset or uncomfortable when Angela would go to take care of her but she couldn’t tell us why.

‘But justice has been served and in the court we were all cheering.’

Thompson, of Deans Park Road, in Fareham, pleaded guilty to theft.

The family member added: ‘We were quite surprised as well as happy about the sentencing because it was her first criminal offence.

‘But the judge took into consideration the people she was stealing from and the way she deceived them and the staff at Merry Hall.

‘It’s a lovely care home and the staff are lovely and so professional.

‘It would be unfair if they got any backlash because of one individual. It is a great place.’

Merry Hall Care Home declined to comment.