You could soon be fined £70 for parking on pavements in Portsmouth

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PLANS to fine drivers £70 for parking on pavements would not work if it was rolled out across the city, a Portsmouth City councillor has warned.

The Department for Transport is considering new laws to prevent cars parking on pavements that is likely to anger drivers.

It would mean that drivers who leave a wheel or more on a curb would be handed a heavy fine.

And with motorists already stumping up a fortune in parking fines it is seen as a measure that could alienate drivers even more, even if it does deter some from parking on roads.

Councillor Donna Jones thinks the idea would be good in certain areas but could not work as a blanket measure.

‘I think it would be a good thing if cars are parked dangerously or are causing an obstruction to elderly or disabled people, for example,’ Cllr Jones said.

‘It would be a good idea in parts of the city that are congested but if you start fining people in residential areas then that would be a problem. We would need to see how these plans work for Portsmouth.’