‘You’re at peace now mate’ – fond tributes Waterlooville murder victim

TRIBUTE Simon Warton
TRIBUTE Simon Warton
Flowers are placed at the main gate of police headquarters in Carcassonne, France,  (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

Portsmouth reacts to ‘heartbreaking’ death of hero police officer killed by terrorist

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FLORAL tributes to Simon Warton have been placed at the scene.

Flowers and notes lay outside the police cordon yesterday as forensic officers continued to trawl for clues.

REMEMBERED A tribute to Simon

REMEMBERED A tribute to Simon

One tribute from Sophie Campbell read: ‘To Simon, sadly taken away from us all.

‘You will be missed. Sadly, RIP.’

A tribute from Lynnette and family read: ‘Egg sandwiches and Michael Zackson is how I’ll always remember you Si.

‘Sleep tight, little man.’

Tributes have also been posted on social networking sites, Twitter and Facebook.

Luke Morris tweeted: ‘RIP Simon Warton, you’re at peace now mate looking over all of us.’

Kirsty Upsall wrote on Facebook: ‘So many people are going to miss you.’

Brian Reeve said: ‘My heart goes to his friends and family.’

Jon Wingate wrote on Facebook: ‘Another mate gone, so young.

‘RIP Simon, will be thinking of you.’

Police are still liaising with the heartbroken family of Mr Warton about whether they are able to release a tribute.