‘You’ve blown it’, judge tells serial Portsmouth offender

JAILED Justin Fixter
JAILED Justin Fixter
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PROLIFIC thief Justin Fixter has finally run out of luck after a judge lost patience and locked him up for 18 months.

The 34-year-old, who has more than 70 convictions for theft, has been given plenty of opportunities to change his ways and go straight.

But each time Fixter has been let off with a community order he has gone back to crime.

That changed at his latest court appearance when Judge Richard Price told him: ‘We both know that you have had opportunity after opportunity after opportunity and that you have blown it.

‘You have wasted a great deal of taxpayers’ money and professionals’ time.’

Fixter was jailed for repeatedly breaching a community order he was given for a burglary.

He broke into a house in Whitworth Road, Gosport, in December last year and stole £3,000 and a bottle of Southern Comfort.

Fixter smashed a glass door to get into the house late at night and was arrested in a nearby alleyway minutes later.

He was bleeding from cutting himself on the glass and blood found at the scene matched his.

The money was cash the homeowner had taken out to pay a builder for some work.

In May the courts gave him a community order after he owned up to the burglary and ordered him to get treatment for his drug addiction.

But Fixter left rehab, failed to turn up to appointments and was then arrested for shoplifting last month.

On that occasion he stole £70 worth of perfume from Knight and Lee in Palmerston Road, Southsea.

Fixter, of no fixed address but formerly of Washbrook Road, Cosham, admitted breaching his community order when he appeared at Portsmouth Crown Court.

As well as the theft convictions Fixter also has previous for burglary and drug offences.

The judge said: ‘Your appalling record is a seriously aggravating feature as is your persistent refusal to comply with community penalties.’

Howard Barrington-Clark, defending, said Fixter knew he had to go to jail.

He said: ‘People have run out of patience with him. He has run out of patience with himself.

‘Everything has been tried and failed.’