Youths target family 14 times in six weeks

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CHILDREN causing a nuisance and targeting an home have been spoken to by police.

PC Sam Couchman said a group of youths in Stubbington had been knocking on doors and windows and running off – including targeting one address 14 times.

Now teachers at Crofton School have intervened with police.

PC Couchman said: ‘When they have been challenged by some households the homeowners have been subjected to verbal abuse from the group and continued harassment.

‘This behaviour was persistent over a period of approximately six weeks, and one address in particular was hounded by the group who knocked on their door 14 times. This caused the family distress and needless anxiety.’

Headteacher Ciaran O’Dowda has spoken to the youths, PC Couchman added.

He added: ‘The youths involved have been spoken too by the headteacher, Mr O’Dowda, and have been warned about their unacceptable behaviour, and bringing the reputation of the school into disrepute.

‘I’m sure that this joint intervention by police and Crofton School will prevent these individuals causing further issues within Stubbington.’