Cyclist shocked by plastic found on Southsea beach

Cyclist Simon Peter was shocked by the litter on Southsea beach
Cyclist Simon Peter was shocked by the litter on Southsea beach
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THE amount of plastic on a beach shocked a cyclist travelling through the area.

Simon Peter, from Lancashire, is in the middle of an anti-fracking awareness campaign which is seeing him cycle from Spain, through Europe and England.

As part of his Wake Up Cycling Tour, the 50-year-old cycled through Portsmouth yesterday and said he was shocked by how much plastic he spotted down Southsea.

‘I couldn’t believe how much plastic there was on the beach,’ he said.

‘There were bottles, containers and all sorts of litter on the seafront.

‘Unfortunately, this isn’t just an issue in this area.

‘This is a problem everywhere and something we need to be trying to sort as a society.’

Simon started his cycling challenge on October 13 near Murcia, in Spain.

He had been cycling through Europe before catching a ferry over to Portsmouth earlier this week.

His aim is to be in Preston in around two weeks.

He added: ‘When I visited El Mar Menor, in Spain, 10 years ago it was a beautiful lagoon with a unique ecosystem.

‘Today is a different story and the fish and vegetation are dying.

‘So I thought Spain would be the best place to start my journey and I will be finishing near to a fracking site in Preston.’

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