‘Da Vinci robot made my recovery easier’

Liz Lewis underwent surgery performed by the Da Vinci robot
Liz Lewis underwent surgery performed by the Da Vinci robot
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A PATIENT who was operated on using the Da Vinci robot said she cannot praise it enough.

Liz Lewis, from Titchfield, was diagnosed with bladder cancer in January and was told the cancer would be removed using the hi-tech surgical equipment.

The robot, at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham, is used on patients in need of complex surgery and is often used on hard-to-reach parts of the body.

Liz was operated on for seven hours and said, thanks to the use of the keyhole surgery, her recovery was a lot quicker.

‘Four months after my diagnosis, during which I had chemotherapy, I was operated on using the Da Vinci robot,’ the 58-year-old said.

‘My amazing surgeon Dan Wilby saved my life.

‘The operation was seven hours and I spent eight days recovering in QA Hospital.

‘I would have been in there longer if I had open surgery. My recovery was straight forward and it’s thanks to the robot.’

When she was told the robot would be used as part of her treatment, Liz said she was in shock.

She added: ‘I was incredulous. It seemed amazing that Dan would be sitting in one area and the robot would be working on me.’

To show her thanks to the robot and QA Hospital, Liz and her husband Neil held a garden party and raised £8,000 for the Rocky Appeal.

The appeal has been fundraising the £2.4m needed for the Da Vinci robot and has £350,000 left to raise before June next year.

Liz said: ‘The robot is so important for this area and we wanted to do our bit to help keep it at QA.

‘It was amazing to have raised so much for it.’