Damaging effects of doorstep crime

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Vic Styles from the Warsash Residents Association talks about the latest meeting and how local people can join in

Warsash Residents Association have reconvened after the summer break, and at their September meeting their guest speaker was Julie Gallagher from trading standards.

She has several posts including administration, civil advice and criminal law enforcement, and currently, she works on the Safeguarding Team, where her main role is crime prevention.

She raised the awareness of doorstep crime and scams, either by post, email, telephone, text, or fax.  

She explained how damaging these crimes can affect people financially, and the health of their victims, also how to avoid falling victim of these traders.

In September at the Fernham Hall the Mayor of Fareham with 300 other enthusiast were presented awards for Fareham in Bloom 2015 and some Warsash residences scooped quite a few accolades for their garden achievements.

Warsash Common again won a gold award from South & South East in Bloom at a presentation in Brighton.

The next meeting of the Warsash Residents Association takes place at the Bartholomew Room at the Victory Hall tonight and will start at 7.15pm.

The guest speaker will be Mike Culver from the Hampshire County Council’s Waste Prevention Team who will provide guidance on how to minimise food waste and save money.

At the meeting there will also be your local councillors in attendance and Hampshire police who will inform us of any issues that arise in the Warsash area.

New members are always welcome to join, with their past and present skills they can be useful for the association and locality.

Being a member you get monthly updates of the minutes by email, also any local safety issues that might happen in Warsash.

You can also go to the Warsash Residents Association website at warsash-residents.com for further details, and follow on Facebook.