Danger ebbs away in Wallington flooding

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The danger of the village of Wallington flooding has now passed, police say.

Inspector Matt Cox from Fareham police station said: ‘High tide has been and gone. The flood risk has dropped considerably now and with the water one and a half metres lower than it was this morning. It was at car window height. Now you can almost walk through it.

Wallington flooding, residents with flood defences

Wallington flooding, residents with flood defences

‘The emergency services will remain on the scene to support residents. We’d like to thank everyone for their patience and co-operation.’

Earlier a handful of families were evacuated from Wallington amid fears its flood defences would not hold.

As our film shows, shot by resident James Tilley, Wallington’s flood defences had begun to crack under the pressure of the water, leading to fears the river would rage down the village’s main street.

Around three people chose to evacuate their homes before the high tide at 4.30pm, when the river could rise enough to burst the flood defences completely.

Wallington prepares for flooding

Wallington prepares for flooding

Resident David Walton, the village flood co-ordinator, said: ‘About 25 homes were offered evacuation but only a few have taken it up. The majority have elected to stay.’

Another resident, Bev Wilkins, praised Fareham Borough Council for their efforts in helping look after people and install flood defences.

She added: ‘everyone here looks after everyone else.

‘It’s a very worrying time, but everyone is ok.’

Meanwhile the coastguard helicopter has been circling overhead. Around 25 residents gathered in the village’s Cob and Pen Inn to wait for high tide.