‘Dangerous’ drain cover in Fareham has been broken for months

The drain cover
The drain cover
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A DRAIN cover that has been broken for months is causing concerns for neighbours.

People living in Park Farm Avenue, in Fareham, are unhappy that a dangerous drain cover has been left damaged since April.

The drain was broken when a lorry drove onto it and smashed it.

It no longer fits on the drain and has two gaping holes where the concrete has crumbled.

Graham Carpenter, 60, has been trying to get the problem solved but said he is just going around in circles.

He said: ‘When the drain was first broken, I expected it to be fixed in weeks, not months.

‘It is just so dangerous for all the old people and children who live around here.

‘Hampshire County Council came and put some barriers around it but they say the drain cover isn’t theirs. But even the barriers aren’t very good because they are always blowing over and they don’t exactly stop children messing around on it.’

When the Mr Carpenter was first damaged, Graham contacted Fareham Borough Council but was told the drain cover was the property of the county council. But, when he called, he was told it wasn’t its problem either.

‘The county council came to have a look and put the barriers up but they said it wasn’t their drain cover,’ he said.

‘They told me I had to contact Virgin because it belonged to them.

‘I wrote to them about four weeks ago and haven’t heard anything back from them.

‘I am just really worried that something is going to seriously injure themselves.’

Ashley Scott, a Virgin Media spokesperson, said: ‘We’d like to thank Mr Carpenter for bringing this to our attention and we will arrange for our engineers to make the necessary repairs as soon as possible.’