Dangerous road gets new safety measures

Tempest Avenue in Waterlooville
Tempest Avenue in Waterlooville
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A DANGEROUS road is getting more safety features after a campaign calling for action.

Hampshire County Council has agreed to build a new pedestrian island in response to a petition.

Tempest Avenue in Waterlooville has been a hotspot for speeding, which has led to local residents demanding change as it makes it difficult to cross safely.

In 2012 lollipop man Ray Elsmore died after being hit by a car in the road. His family are pleased to see that further changes have finally been made.

Ray’s daughter Yasmin Clarke, from Horndean said: ‘More changes to Tempest Avenue have been needed for a long time now. I’m glad they are finally going to happen.

‘I’m pleased for the residents who live along the road and everyone who has been campaigning for change because this is what they have been fighting for.

‘There have been lots of accidents on the road over the years so hopefully these latest changes will help.’

The changes include widening the road at the point where the pedestrian island will be put in, and adding a footpath with reflective bollards.

Building work is scheduled to start in the coming weeks as the council waits for the approval of Scottish Gas Networks to get the construction under way.

The pedestrian island is set to be complete by the end of the summer.

Cllr Ann Briggs is glad to see the changes being made after securing the funds for the building work.

She said: ‘We have been working hard to get the funding for the pedestrian island and hopefully now we can make this road a lot safer.’

Cllr Briggs’ main concern is the safety of schoolchildren using the busy road to cross.

She said: ‘Lots of children use the road as they make their way to school and sometimes cars come round the bend at 40mph to 50mph – the changes should slow traffic down.’

She said: ‘The safety of the children is paramount, we don’t want anybody else getting hurt on this dangerous road.’