Daring Doris abseils down Spinnaker Tower on her 100th birthday

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DARING Doris Long spent her 100th birthday doing something no other centenarian can claim to have done - abseiling down Spinnaker Tower.

Doris, who is an MBE, was joined by broadcaster Fred Dinenage as she prepared to break another world record and retain the title of being the oldest person to abseil down the building.

DARING Doris before abseiling down Spinnaker Tower

DARING Doris before abseiling down Spinnaker Tower

It was Fred who took the challenge first, closely followed by Doris.

Crowds gathered in Gunwharf Quays as Doris came down the outside of the building at around 2pm, greeted by cheers and a band playing ‘Happy Birthday To You’.

It was her 15th abseil, this time raising money for The Rowans Hospice.