Daring's engines fail

HMS Daring has been forced to go into dock with engine problems.

The ship's engines shut down, leaving her temporarily adrift and forcing her to go to Canada for urgent repairs.

The Royal Navy's 1bn Type 45 destroyer, which only entered service in July, saw its engines lose power at about midday yesterday out in the Atlantic after leaving New York City.

She has been ordered to turn around and go to Canada to be fixed.

A Royal Navy spokesman said: 'Daring was on her way back from America when she had some technical problems. She is now sailing to Nova Scotia to get that put right.'

'She lost propulsion for a very brief period. It was for a matter of minutes.

'What is important is that propulsion was recovered in a safe period of time.'

Daring is due to arrive at Halifax Shipyard this evening. The plan is for the ship's company to carry out the repairs there once parts arrive from BAE Systems.

The repairs are likely to delay Daring's return to Portsmouth for around a week.

The ship, the first of the new Type 45 destroyers, has encountered a number of technical difficulties since her launch in 2006.