Day showed off culture from Africa and the Phillippines

TALENT Singer Marie Watson takes a break at the event
TALENT Singer Marie Watson takes a break at the event
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On a scorching day in June, a fantastic multicultural event was hosted by Hampshire County Council.

The event was organised by the Anglo Filipino Society and the Fareham and Gosport Multi Cultural Society.

It was a joint celebration of Africa Day and Philippine Independence Day. Both worlds showcased their culture at the Manor Farm in Southampton.

The Philippine contingent entertained the crowd with traditional Filipino folk songs and pop songs led by local singer Marie Watson.

This created a great party atmosphere with people dancing and clapping to the music.

Highlights were two folk dances presented to the crowd by ladies from Gosport who wore colourful costumes and danced ‘pandanggo sa ilaw’ showing the skill of holding and balancing lighted candles in small glasses while doing graceful movements. They also danced ‘Paypay de Manila’ – a folk dance using fans.

Both dances were choreographed by Elsie Miller, a local Filipina from Lee-on-the-Solent.

We also raised money for some of the charities in the Philippines.

One stall sold accessories to support Bahay Bukluran, a homeless charity which provides care to underprivileged children living in Bagong. Silangan, Payates, the poorest community in Manila.

Overall, it was a great day out for everyone. The community spirit present everywhere, it was like a big street party.

The Anglo Filipino Society plans to make this an annual event and hopes to make it bigger every year. To get in touch search ‘Anglo Filipino Society’ on Facebook.