Dead fish sign of drought

Victoria Park, Portsmouth. Credit: Google Street View

Victoria Park closed off for controlled explosion after Portsmouth police discover ‘suspicious object’

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DROUGHT has been blamed for the death of salmon and trout in the River Meon.

Thirty dead fish were discovered between December and January.

The salmon were found in the River Meon near Titchfield Mill, downstream of Anjou bridge.

The sea trout were found in the Meon at Mayles Lane and near Anjou Bridge.

Scientists from the Environment Agency are blaming the low river flows because of the lack of rain throughout the winter.

Water companies have put out warnings that restrictions will be brought in this summer after the government announced earlier this week that most of the south east is now officially in a drought.

Portsmouth Water said it will monitor the situation over the next four weeks before announcing whether or not a hosepipe ban will be put in place this summer.