DEAR FIONA: My supervisor won’t stop harrassing me in the office

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Q I’ve always struggled to find a job I really like and so have usually just taken the first one that’s come along in order to pay the bills. Two months ago, though, I found my perfect job – or so I thought.

It really suits me and I’d love to work at it and make a go of it, but my problem is with one of the supervisors.

He keeps making passes at me, touching me and saying things I don’t want to repeat. If I ignore him he gets angry, and although I’d like to tell him how I feel, I’m worried about losing my job.

A More than half of all women have suffered sexual harassment in the workplace, but just because it’s common doesn’t make it acceptable!

You have a right to work without experiencing this kind of harassment and your employer has a duty to protect you. The business’ human resources department should act for you.

You may feel uncomfortable approaching them though, so if there is a trade union where you work, please join it and talk to them about the problem.

Please don’t put up with this for a moment longer; your supervisor is breaking the law and is relying on you being too new and shy to protest.

Q I’m so embarrassed at having to admit that, at 19, I still wet the bed.

This stops me leading a normal life; I never went on sleepovers as a kid and I’ve never stayed overnight with friends as an adult. I’ve never been away on holiday either and I’ve had to turn down two training courses my work has wanted to send me on as they were residential.

I’ve never been intimate with boyfriends, in case I have an accident – I’d be mortified.

When I was 14 my parents took me to a doctor who assured me I’d eventually grow out of it. Well, five years on, it’s still ruining my life.

A Enuresis is more common than you expect and affects about one adult in every hundred.

For some adults, bladder control is a problem that comes and goes – perhaps linked with illness or stress.

For others, it can be a persistent issue that goes back over many years and can be due to a behavioural pattern established from an early age.

Whatever the cause, there is a lot a doctor can do to help – from bed-wetting alarms to medication. Please don’t let this problem control your life any longer.