Decision to keep the Pyramids closed is met with mixed opinions

The Pyramids was shut in March after flood damage
The Pyramids was shut in March after flood damage

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THE closure of the Pyramids Centre for the foreseeable future has been met with mixed views.

Residents voiced their opinions on The News’ Facebook page after the announcement the centre in Southsea would stay shut following damage caused by storms and flooding in March this year.

As previously reported, the Pyramids is expected to remain closed until the end of this month while work is carried out.
But people are split over its future, with views ranging from closing down the ‘disaster of a building’, to backing the decision to keep to shut so it can be made safe again.
Commenting on The News’ page on the social media site, Stuart Fair said: ‘They should just bash the money pit down.
‘It’s a shame our seafront in that area has now become an eyesore with the broken pier and now this disaster of a building.’
Sammie Bushell agrees. She added: ‘It’s very sad our seafront is falling apart piece by piece.
‘I hope it’s up and as fab as it used to be very soon .
‘I have so many memories of the Pyramids and of the whole seafront.’
And Kaileigh Toby Barber-Wythe said it was ‘just a waste of space.’
‘The Pyramids is always closing or having refits but it never seems to change,’ she wrote.
‘Everything is the same as it has been for years and years apart from gym and play bit for kids.
‘It’s a waste of space on the front at the moment!’
But other people have said it is right for BH Live, which runs the Pyramids, to put safety first.
Kelly V’Dub March said: ‘It’s good in a way because it shows they want to get everything just perfect.
‘I for one look forward to the opening.’
Jazza Holly Rozzell added: ‘Rather it be safe for your kids then something serious happen.
‘Then you would be even more devastated.’