Deer drowns near Southsea Aquarium

The deer off the shore in Southsea
The deer off the shore in Southsea

ANIMAL rescue and the Coastguard were in a race against time to save a deer which was seen swimming near the shoreline in Southsea.

The RNLI joined forces this morning with Animal Rescue Advisers from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) to save the animal but the three-year-old Roebuck drowned as a passing boat tried to save it.

A spokesperson from HFRS said: ‘We were called to reports of a deer trapped in the sea between Southsea Aquarium and the Southsea Castle.

‘The Coastguard secured the shoreline and moved crowds back.

‘One of our Animal Rescue Advisers was picked up from the beach by the RNLI and taken to where the deer was 200m off the shore.

‘A passing boat tried to aid the rescue and lasooed the deer unfortunately drowning the 3 year old Roebuck.

‘The RNLI and Animal Rescue Adviser managed to get the deer aboard and gave CPR with no result.

‘The stop messaged was received at 12:39. 
 ‘We'd like to take this opportunity to remind the public that if they find an animal in danger, difficulty or distress please call 999 state your location and wait for the appropriate emergency service to help.’