12 things you need to know about USS Theodore Roosevelt

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As the USS Theodore Roosevelt visits Portsmouth, here are 12 facts about the giant ship.

She is the fourth of the Americans’ Nimitz-class aircraft carriers.

USS Theodore Roosevelt off Stokes Bay

USS Theodore Roosevelt off Stokes Bay

*Her radio call sign is Rough Rider. The original Rough Riders were Theodore Roosevelt’s volunteer cavalry unit during the Spanish-American War.

*She was launched in 1984.

*Her first deplyment was a six-month patrol of the Mediterranean.

*She took part in Operation Desert Storm in 1991.

*Her home port is Norfolk, Virginia.

*She was the first US carrier to be built using modular construction, with parts of the ship independently constructed before boing joined together.

*She took part in a Joint Task Force Exercise called Operation Brimstone off the coast of North Carolina in 2008 with ships that included HMS Ark Royal,

*Her flight deck is almost 260ft wide

*Her top speed is a little over 30 knots

*She carries more than 80 planes and almost half her 5,000+ crew are in the Air Wing of the US Navy.

*She gets her ‘Big Stick’ nickname from the president after whom she is named. Teddy Roosevelt’s simple political maxim was: ‘Speak softly - and carry a big stick.’

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