£7,000 for telex of Argentina surrender

Picture: Malcolm Wells

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A COPY of the original telex announcing to the British government that Argentina had surrendered in the Falklands War has fetched more than £7,000 at auction.

Sent by the commander of the British land forces, Major-General Jeremy Moore, it states that the junta’s forces have laid down their arms and the Falkland Islands are ‘once more under the government desired by their inhabitants’.

The document sold for £7,250 to an anonymous American bidder at Bonhams in London.

The telex reads: “In Port Stanley at 9 o’clock pm Falkland Islands Time tonight 14th June 1982, Major General Menendes (sic) surrendered to me all the Argentine Forces in East and West Falkland, together with all their impedimenta.

“Arrangements are in hand to assemble the men for return to Argentina, to gather in their arms and equipment, and to mark and make safe their munitions.

“The Falkland Islands are once more under the government desired by their inhabitants. God Save the Queen. Signed JJ Moore.”

The message was sent via special forces to the Government Communications Headquarters on June 14 1982 - six days before the hostilities officially ceased.

A total of 255 UK serviceman were killed in retaking the remote South Atlantic islands while 649 Argentinians lost their lives in the 74-day conflict.