A trip overseas in memory of D-Day troops

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A REMEMBRANCE service is to be held tomorrow to commemorate the lives of Canadian troops who died during the Normandy landings.

A group of French students from Cannes, aged between 11 and 25, are making the trip to Portsmouth to remember the Canadian allies who played a vital role in the Second World War.

The youths will lead the service at the Guildhall Square war memorial, performing a selection of hymns and speeches they have written themselves in both French and English.

Wreaths, poppies and stones collected from the Normandy beaches will also be laid.

Ceremony leader Kirsty Dixon, 19, said: ‘My great-grandad fought in both world wars and my dad was really interested in the Normandy beaches.

‘I was brought up knowing a lot about it.

‘I don’t think enough young people know about it or pay tribute to the veterans so it would be great if we could raise interest through what we do and gain some more support.’

The students held a similar service last year at the Guildhall memorial which was attended by Portsmouth’s Royal British Legion.

Louise Purcell, Poppy Appeal organiser for the Legion, said: ‘It’s nice to see young people doing it for a change and it’s really interesting to listen to their views and see how passionate they are about it.’

The service starts at 10am tomorrow.