A ‘Yes’ would leave the UK more open to attack

A packed Guildhall Square, Portsmouth, last Remembrance Sunday

Portsmouth ‘will bid again’ for national Armed Forces Day event

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THREE Former First Sea Lords have warned Scottish independence would make the UK more vulnerable to attack.

Lord West, Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope and Admiral Sir Jonathan Band have joined 11 other senior military figures in signing an open letter insisting that a no vote in tomorrow’s poll was ‘critical for all our security’.

‘A vote for separation would undermine both Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom’s defence,’ the letter said.

‘The division of the UK may or may not be politically or economically sensible, but in military terms we are clear: it will weaken us all.’

The 14 leaders gave short shrift to Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond’s plan for a Scottish defence force.

The letter said: ‘We train as one, fight as one and are under one command. We are not, and have never been, structured for division.’