Air raid shelter found in Portsmouth garden

FILLED-IN The shelter
FILLED-IN The shelter

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WHEN Michelle Miller struck metal as she dug up her front garden, she didn’t think she would end up unearthing anything special.

So she couldn’t believe her luck when she uncovered a 7ft deep air raid shelter which she believes dates back to the Second World War.

Inside the shelter were three bunk beds, a dead cat and hedgehog as well as 15 bottles of unopened riesling white wine lying on a piece of carpet at the bottom of the shelter.

Despite being impressed with her find, Ms Miller, 46, of Havant Road, Farlington, has decided to fill the shelter in and build a driveway on top.

She said: ‘If I had found it in the back garden I would have definitely considered keeping it – it would have made a great den for the kids.

‘When I first moved here with my partner Nick Thompson in December we were told by one of the neighbours that there was an air raid shelter in the garden – but we didn’t believe them.

‘Unfortunately we need space to park so it wasn’t practical to keep it. It was amazing to see though.’