Award given to sailor with a long record of navy service

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A SAILOR has been honoured with an award to mark the end of a three-year spell as State Ceremonial Training Officer (SCTO).

Warrant Officer 1st Class Dickie Henderson, 49, was given an efficiency award at HMS Collingwood in Fareham, where he held the role of SCTO.

WO Henderson is now moving on to become the Executive Officer of HMS Victory, the next step in a 33-year career.

Originally from Evesham, WO Henderson now lives in Portsmouth with his partner Debbie.

The couple have seven children between them.

He said he was delighted to have received the award, and said he would always look back on his time as SCTO with pride.

WO Henderson said: ‘It has been an honour and my absolute pleasure to have been the State Ceremonial Training Officer for the past three years.

‘A role I will forever have fond memories of.

‘The people I have worked alongside and the parades that I have produced for the service I love has been more of a hobby than a job.

‘I will miss the role immensely.’

He began his career in the Royal Navy in 1982, serving on the Type 42 destroyer HMS Cardiff and Fearless class amphibious warfare ship HMS Intrepid.

He also served on a number of other Royal Navy ships, taking part in deployments across the world.

He became a warrant officer in 2004.

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WO Henderson served as Principal Warfare Officer Instructor and Executive Warrant Officer on the Type 42 destroyer HMS Exeter.

He also served at the Leadership Academy at HMS Collingwood before taking on the SCTO role in 2012.

He said the position of SCTO at HMS Collingwood had been the highlight of his career so far, and he enjoyed with with people from other parts of the Armed Forces.

WO Henderson said that in his free time he enjoyed walking his dogs, spending time with family and following rugby.