British veterans ‘need your love’ says senior army officer 

Lt Col (retired) Chris Parker in Iraq. He is the chairman of the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment Association which represents hundreds of soldiers in the Portsmouth area.

A FRESH plea has gone out for the public to be more supportive of military veterans after a top officer said many felt ‘unloved and unappreciated’ by society.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Chris Parker, 49, represents hundreds of Hampshire veterans as the chairman of the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment Association.

The officer, who grew up in Cowplain, said many in society still don’t recognise the sacrifices made by Britain’s military community. In a new plea to the public, he is urging people to simply say ‘thank you for your service’ to veterans as well as those currently in the forces.

He said: ‘Veterans feel unappreciated, they don’t feel loved. You never get a group of veterans saying “it’s fantastic to be a veteran in Britain”. That just doesn’t happen.’

Lt Col Parker is also urging people to be more supportive of armed forces charities and military regimental associations.

His comments come after a survey by military charity SSAFA which found two thirds of veterans felt unappreciated.

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