Cadets show off with parade past Gosport town hall

SHIPSHAPE Major Andy Henderson inspects the TS Hornet cadets at their Royal Naval Parade
SHIPSHAPE Major Andy Henderson inspects the TS Hornet cadets at their Royal Naval Parade
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DEDICATED cadets are busy polishing their boots and sharpening their drill ahead of a major parade on Sunday.

Gosport Sea Cadets are set to host a huge parade in the centre of the town, with hundreds of youngsters from across the area joining in.

Petty Officer Nicky Salmon is the second-in-command at TS Hornet, based in Royal Clarence Marina.

She said the youngsters are pressing their uniforms and preparing for the big day.

‘The kids have been training for the parade, and the staff are busy co-ordinating logistics,’ she said.

‘It’s an opportunity for them to show the pride they take in themselves.

‘It’s a good representation of today, rather than the common representation.

‘We’re also using it to make friends within the community, to get our name out there a bit more.’

A cadet band, formed of youngsters from the cadets’ central district in the southern area, will also perform.

It starts at 10.30am at the town hall in High Street, with the cadets marching to Time Space for a formal ceremony.

The parade will then re-form, march up High Street past the Town Hall, into Clarence Road, along Pavilion Walk, across Mumby Road and back to their unit.

Dignitaries include senior naval officers, with the Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire, Dame Mary Fagan, taking the salute.

Visiting cadets will stay overnight at Gosport’s naval shore establishment, HMS Sultan, before the march.

Paul Griffin is on the committee at TS Hornet and said the cadets in the guard have been working particularly hard.

Mr Griffin said they were due to parade the colour but cannot do so as a countrywide ban on cadets using display rifles means they cannot provide an armed guard.

He said: ‘It’s showing the other side of youth, we get a lot of information in the media as to how bad the youth of today are.

‘But this is the other side of the coin.’