Call for admirals to be included in navy losses

DEFIANT Capt Paul Quinn
DEFIANT Capt Paul Quinn
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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THERE have been calls for higher-ranking officers to bear more of the pain of cuts to the Royal Navy.

All 400 sailors to be lost will be ratings and officers ranked captain or below, but a former naval officer has suggested admirals should also be looked at for redundancy.

Author and navy analyst Lewis Page said: ‘It’s not so much the fact of some redundancies being made now, you could say though, given that the Royal Navy has enough admirals to run a much, much bigger navy than the one we’ve got, are any of these sailors who have been made redundant admirals? I don’t think they are. Are many of them even going to be captains and commanders?’

He added: ‘Sadly the cuts tend to be made at lower levels and the higher levels get even more out of step with the size of the real navy.’

But according to CEO of the Royal Naval Association, Captain Paul Quinn, higher-ranking officers will be included in future rounds of redundancies.

He said: ‘You can’t just arbitrarily make all these guys redundant. They could be specialists and you have to get these things right for the future.’

MP Mike Hancock said he had sympathy ‘for every single person made redundant’, adding: ‘In the long term it is a mistake because we will lose a lot of technical expertise.’