Cash reward put up to help find missing sailor

Missing sailor Timmy MacColl
Missing sailor Timmy MacColl
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THE family of missing Gosport sailor Timmy MacColl is supporting a reward being put up in return for any information that helps to find him.

The ship he was on – HMS Westminster – was due to arrive back in Portsmouth tomorrow without the 27-year-old.

Now an anonymous benefactor has put forward a ‘substantial cash reward’ in the hope he will be found.

His pregnant wife Rachael, 25, said: ‘The reward will be paid if information given actually leads to Timmy being physically located.

‘If someone knows something please come forward.

‘My life can’t move forward until I find him.

‘It’s not just emotionally, it’s financially, my children, his family. Our family deserves answers.

‘That’s the main thing, we just need to find him.’

Timmy went missing in Dubai after being put into a taxi outside the Rock Bottom Cafe nightclub more than 12 weeks ago.

He had no ID and only a Nokia phone, which has never been found.

The cab was told to go back to Port Rashid where Westminster was docked, but Timmy never arrived.

The driver has told Dubai police the sailor got out of the car when he got lost inside the port and pulled over to ask for directions.

Rachael, who made a trip to Dubai and retraced Timmy’s last-known steps last month, fears her husband has been kidnapped.

It comes after land and sea searches around Port Rashid failed to find any clues.

She said: ‘We are told Timmy gets in the taxi, he gets out of the taxi at the tea shack and that’s it.

‘We’ve not been told how they know this information is true and we’ve not been told about forensics on the vehicle or anything like that, so we don’t even know if it was Timmy in the taxi.

‘It’s assumed it was Timmy in the cab. It has been ascertained now that there were other members of the ship’s company in Rock Bottom.

‘They would have left at some point and got a taxi back. There’s nothing after he is seen on CCTV leaving the bar.

‘The description of his cloth­ing given to the police by shipmates was wrong, he was wearing blue and white chec­ked shorts with a red T-shirt and dark-blue canvas shoes.’