Chance to win gifts in navy advent calendar

The HMS Queen Elizabeth tree decoration
The HMS Queen Elizabeth tree decoration
As is traditional in submarine warfare, the Jolly Roger was displayed on HMS Thunderbolt after a successful attack.

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IN THE run up to Christmas, a naval charity is giving supporters the chance to win prizes in a virtual advent calendar.

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) have created a festive advent calendar that gives people a chance to win a selection of charity giveaways including a HMS Queen Elizabeth tree decoration, the RNRMC ‘Carrier Bag’ and a nautical tie.

Director of fundraising and marketing at The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity Alasdair Akass said: ‘We’re delighted to be able to give away these fantastic gifts to our committed supporters.

‘Their unwavering generosity has been phenomenal and we think that this is a fun way to give a little something back this Christmas.

‘I’d like to wish everyone the best of luck with our advent calendar competition. These items are also available on our website and every item sold helps us to continue our support of the naval service, now and in the future.’

Taking part in the virtual advent calendar is free and only requires a name and an email address for the chance to win 15 seasonal presents.

Over the last year the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity has distributed more than £51m to ensure sailors, marines and their families are supported, for life.

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