Changes to be made for counter-terrorism

The new commanding officer of HMS Collingwood, Captain Rob Vitali. Picture: Keith Woodland/MoD

New captain vows to make base greener

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PEOPLES’ passports could be taken away temporarily to stop them travelling to Middle East trouble zones.

The government today, is set to announce new counter-terrorism rules, following Britons leaving the country to fight in countries such as Syria and Iraq.

As reported, a number of people from Portsmouth have gone to the Middle East to join extremist groups.

Officials are also looking at a ‘temporary bar’ on British citizens suspected of terrorist activity abroad returning.

Defence secretary Michael Fallon said: ‘These are very real threats. We have had tube trains blown up, London buses, Glasgow Airport attacked, a soldier murdered in broad daylight.

‘These are very real threats we are dealing with.

‘This isn’t any kind of knee-jerk response. The Prime Minister made clear we need to be calm and measured about the way that we do this.

‘But when we look at our armoury of things or how we deal with these threats, there are some gaps.

‘We’ve had a number of men going off to fight in Syria, a number of them slipping back home again.

‘We need to make sure we plug those existing gaps.’