City could use carrier as a tourist attraction

HMS Illustrious
HMS Illustrious
The fragment from the Union Jack believed to have flown on board HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. Credit: Sotheby's

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COUNCILLORS in the northern city of Hull are exploring the idea of acquiring Portsmouth-based HMS Illustrious as a tourist attraction.

The aircraft carrier is due to leave service in 2014 but no decision has yet been made on what will happen to her.

Now Hull City Council has said it would be interested in using Lusty as a tourist attraction in the Humber estuary.

Councillor Stephen Brady, the leader of Hull City Council, told The News: ‘It’s just an idea at the moment.

‘Like all areas, we’re looking at attracting tourists and we would be interested in HMS Illustrious as a visitor attraction and possibly a conference centre. We’re looking at every opportunity to attract tourists and put Hull on the map.’

Last year, the Ministry of Defence said it would prefer to see Lusty preserved for non-military use instead of being sent for scrap.