City MP’s joy over veteran’s medal victory

HONOUR Commander Eddie Grenfell. Inset, the Arctic Star.
HONOUR Commander Eddie Grenfell. Inset, the Arctic Star.

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CITY MP Mike Hancock has welcomed the news Commander Eddie Grenfell will finally get the medal he deserves.

The 93-year-old Arctic Convoy veteran will be presented with the Arctic Star during a ceremony at Portsmouth Guildhall on Tuesday.

As previously reported in The News, another one will be held at Downing Street in London on the same day for other veterans.

Mr Hancock, who represents Portsmouth South said: ‘I just can’t believe it’s finally happening.

‘It’s fantastic – brilliant news.’

‘There will be no prouder guests than Eddie’s when that medal finally gets there.

‘It won’t just be for what he did 70 years ago.

‘It will in recognition of what he has done the last 15 years bringing justice for the campaign.

‘It’s amazing that he has lived long enough to receive it.

‘No-one who wears a medal will wear one with more pride than he will.

‘This is also a credit to others who have helped the campaign, particularly The News.’

A senior naval officer will present Cdr Grenfell, who is still recovering from problems with his heart, his award.

The Ministry of Defence has yet to confirm who that will be.

Veterans of one of the harshest and most important campaigns of the Second World War finally won recognition for their bravery after a seven-decade wait, with the announcement of the Arctic campaign medal in December.

They fought a determined campaign, supported by The News, which was often bitter.

But the moment has finally come for the hundreds of servicemen who served their country.

It is thought between 200 and 400 sailors – who are all now in their late 80s at least – are alive today to receive the medals.

For those who have died before being able to get the recognition they deserve, their relatives can apply on their behalf.

Applications can be made online by visiting

You can also write to The Arctic Star, MOD Medal Office, Imjin Barracks, Innsworth, Gloucester, GL3 1HW.