Commendation for top sailor Lee

TOP WORK SLt Lee Duke with his prize. Picture: Craig Keating
TOP WORK SLt Lee Duke with his prize. Picture: Craig Keating

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A SAILOR from Gosport has been commended for his work on board HMS Richmond as the warship prepared to return to frontline duty.

Described as a ‘most capable engineer’, Sub Lieutenant Lee Duke was awarded a Commodore Portsmouth Flotilla commendation in recognition of his work.

The 33-year-old was selected for a promotion in July 2013 and is training at Britannia Royal Naval College.

SLt Duke said: ‘I feel very proud and delighted to be awarded the commendation.

‘I am very grateful for this recognition of my hard work and efforts and I would like to thank all those who supported me during the time aboard HMS Richmond.’

Originally from Havant, SLt Duke started his naval career in 1998.

He served in four Royal Navy warships, including HMS Kent on two separate occasions.

Cdre Cochrane, the Commodore Portsmouth Flotilla, said: ‘I had 37 extremely talented people in contention for this prize. SLt Duke stood out from the crowd due to his high commitment, attention to detail and team spirit. He has a bright future ahead of him and I have no doubt he will continue to be an asset of the service.’