Commodore gets a refresher of Tyne life

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THE Commodore of the Portsmouth Flotilla has been onboard HMS Tyne to get a refresher on its capabilities.

Commodore Peter James Sparkes was greeted by Tyne’s Commanding Officer, Lt Cdr Charles Barrow RN, before touring the ship and observing the transit out of the Solent from the bridge.

The Commodore spent time giving an insight into the future of the Portsmouth Flotilla.

He continued his busy programme by joining the Executive Officer of HMS Tyne, Lt Craig Clark RN, on a routine boarding of a Belgium Fishing vessel.

Then Commodore then took the opportunity to present two of HMS Tyne’s crew with awards.

The first was the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal to Leading Seaman Kevin. Mcloughlin for 15 years’ loyal service to the Royal Navy.

was for the Sailor of the Quarter, presented to ET(ME) Benjamin Gunn for his excellent performance under immense pressure and his persistence to improve his knowledge.