Conference centre bid is featured on TV show

HOME Illustrious returns to Portsmouth earlier this month
HOME Illustrious returns to Portsmouth earlier this month
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THE fight is hotting up between three rival bids to determine the future of HMS Illustrious after she is decommissioned later this year.

The Portsmouth bid, if successful, could see HMS Illustrious, which has seen 32 years of service in the Royal Navy, turned into a conference centre.

As previously reported in The News, the bid is one of a number battling it out for the ship.

Three bids – from Portsmouth, Hull and Tyneside – were featured yesterday on BBC’s Inside Out programme shown at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Editor of The News Mark Waldron spoke in support of the Portsmouth bid.

He said he felt the city was more than capable of giving the ship ‘the attention she needs’.

The bids will go to an assessment phase in the next fortnight, before the final details are made public and a decision made later this year.